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Here's Something Nuts

Aug 30, 2023Route 7 Provisions
  1. Pistachio trees can produce for about 300 years.
  2. Pistachio is widely known as a ‘happy nut’ in China and a ‘smiling nut’ in Iran. Nice. 
  3. One of my favorite nuts is my Uncle Kevin. He's a real kook.
  4. Cashews are from the poison ivy plant family. The itchy oil is primarily in their shells, so they can’t be eaten.
  5. Yeah, cashews have shells. They look like this. 
  6. Another name for hazelnuts is filberts, or cobnuts.

    Hazelnuts-blanched-pair Hazelnutlol. filberts. 

  7. Guess how many peanuts make one 12 oz. jar of peanut butter? Answer at the bottom of the page. Otherwise you'd just glance at it after you read the question and ruin the game. You know you would. Actually try to guess. It's more fun. We'll give you a hint. It's more than 7. 




540 nuts





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