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The Pasta Bundle

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Foggy Mountain Pasta meets Gathering Springs Farm Fresh Eggs for a versatile duo. Whether you're making cakes, cookies, breads or pastas, this bundle has everything you need. 

Comes with:

  • One (1) 2lb 3oz bag of YOUR CHOICE of flour. (Loudoun Blend "Rosso e Bianco" or Einkorn)
  • One Dozen (12) Farm Fresh eggs from Gathering Springs Farm, Middleburg

Make your selection of flour below. 

How to Make Pasta at Home
Inspired by Montese Cooking Experience - San Gimignano, Italy

"Pasta fresca is one of the most popular dishes in the Italian cuisine. The traditional recipe from Emilia Romagna, says to use of one egg every 100 grams of flour with a few drops of olive oil. However this recipe may change from plane pasta to pasta ripiena (stuffed pasta), or colored pasta. Also, the quantity of flour may change from the size of eggs used."

Ingredients (Serves 4)

  • 200 grams flour
  • 2 large eggs

1. Make the Dough

  • Pour flour onto a board or in a bowl.
  • Make a well in the middle and crack eggs into it.
  • Beat the eggs with a fork until smooth, mixing the flour in until everything is combined.
  • Knead and work the dough with your hands to develop the gluten in the flour to make it springy and al dente. Stop when your pasta feels smooth and silky instead of rough and floury.

There are no secrets to success! Squish it. Reshape it. Pull it. Stretch it. This is a great step for kids. (Out with the play doh and in with the real stuff!)

2. Wrap & Rest

Wrap with cling wrap and put in the fridge for at least a half hour. Wrap it well so no air dries it out. 

3. Roll!

Use a rolling pin or a machine.
(You can get them online or in stores for ~30$. And maybe a branded Route 7 Provisions one next year...)

If using a machine;
Work through all the settings on the from the widest to the narrowest. Lightly dust both sides of the pasta with a little flour every time you run it through.

Whether you're rolling by hand or by machine you'll need to know when to stop.

  • If you're making a stuffed pasta like ravioli or tortellini, you'll need to roll it down slightly thinner or to the point where you can clearly see your hand or lines of newsprint through it.
  • If you're making pasta like tagliatelle or lasagne you'll need to roll the pasta a bit thicker.

Once you've rolled your pasta the way you want it, you need to shape or cut it straight away. Pasta dries much quicker than you think, so whatever recipe you're doing, don't leave it more than a minute or two before cutting or shaping it. You can lay over a damp clean tea towel, which will stop it from drying.

Colored Pasta

Green pasta 1:

  • Prepare the dough with 100 grams of flour and one egg.
  • Add 10 grams of boiled spinach finely chopped.

Green pasta 2:

  • For every 100 grams of flour, add a little bunch of aromatic herbs (previously washed and finely chopped with a spoon of extra virgin olive oil).

Pink pasta

  • Every 100 grams of flour, incorporate a spoon of concentrated tomato paste diluted in some warm water.

Violet pasta:

  • Every 100 grams of flour, add a little piece of roasted and mashed beetroot.

Brown pasta:

  • Add a spoon of cocoa powder every 100 grams of flour.

Yellow pasta:

  • Incorporate a little spoon of saffron every 100 grams of flour.
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